Address: 19850 E. Colima Road, Walnut, California 91789
Address: 19850 E. Colima Road, Walnut, California 91789


A Unique Philosophy and Approach to Dining

An Extension of Your Home

We understand not only the physiological need for nutrition and hydration, but the joy and fulfillment that comes from enjoying our favorite foods in a social dining atmosphere. For most, it is an incredibly important part of our social being , cultural identity, and daily life.

Walnut Valley Assisted Living dining options: rice plate

Designed by the Residents

Unlike most Senior Living Communities, we do not have to follow a one-sized fits all menu from a corporate office. Here we are able to involve the residents in the creation of the menu all while using fresh and local ingredients. 

Honoring our Community

Walnut Valley is surrounded by many different cultural and ethnic communities and it is very important to us that we honor those cultures by providing delicious meals that bring comfort and familiarity. 

Walnut Valley Assisted Living dining options: chicken bowl
Walnut Valley Assisted Living dining options: money bag dumplings

Compassionate Cuisine

We have worked to design a philosophy and approach to dining  so that each resident suffering from dementia can still enjoy their favorite foods, feel a social connection, and nourish their bodies, all while maintaining their dignity. We offer adjustable meals times, a calm dining atmosphere, delicious handheld snacks and meals, and adaptive utensils in order to provide a dignified experience.


Dementia and its associated conditions can create a unique set of challenges to a successful daily dining experience. Not all foods are tolerated and tastes change. Perhaps, being able to sit for three complete meals is no longer a realistic expectation. We understand the need to be flexible and that’s why we have created our Compassionate Cuisine experience.

Walnut Santa Monica Dining Area

How do we achieve this dining experience?

  • We understand that the interests, abilities, and needs of each resident are constantly changing and our dining techniques must realistically address these changes.
  • A calm dining atmosphere that promotes concentration.
  • Adaptive utensils to assist with dexterity issues.
  • A commitment to serve and present many needed diet modifications with dignity.